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update date : 2021-11-18

Institute of Medicine

About Us

In order to promote biomedical research and to train future competent faculty and researchers, the Institute of Medicine, the first graduate school in Chung Shan Medical University, had initiated offering a Master of Science program and a PhD program since 1979 and 1998, respectively. Up to the present time, the institute is the only one or two organizations to offer the PhD program in the field of medicine in central Taiwan. The institute comprises two different tracts of developments for education and researches, including clinical medicine and basic medical sciences.



The master program accepts students with bachelor degrees of sciences from accredited institutes. The averaged time needed for a master degree is about two years. Entrance to the master program is based on a written examination and review applicants’ personal qualifications.

The applicants for PhD program require a master degree of related fields or those with undergraduate degrees with at least 2 years of working experiences and with a proof of qualified research capability. Usually, the study period of the PhD program is 3-7 years. Entrance to the PhD program is based on a written examination, personal interview and review applicant’s personal qualification.


Goals of Education (NICE)

  1. Novel research
  2. International perspectives
  3. Convincing truth
  4. Educational transfer


Core Competences

  1. Attitudes of self-directed and life-long learning
  2. Integration of research areas
  3. Promotion of international communication
  4. Adequate teaching skills and communication



  1. To develop translational medicine related researches by combining clinical and basic medicine.
  2. To raise the standard of medical science and to cultivate excellent medical scientists.
  3. To turn into an international medical research center for the benefit of mankind.

Faculty profile

At the present time, the institute has 27 full-time, 32 adjunct faculty members. More than 88.89% of our faculty members have a PhD degree in related fields.


Four major research activities in this institute:

  1. Cancer
  2. Aging
  3. Germline stem cells
  4. Herbal medicine

Website: http://medicine.csmu.edu.tw/front/bin/home.phtml